It’s More Fun When You Don’t Cram!

(…on Distance Education and Time Management)

If you’re like me who thought that online education is easier than regular school, oh well, think again!

I will assume that like me, you enrolled in UPOU because you don’t have the time to study in a regular school.

Well, welcome to the challenging and demanding world of distance education! Haha! 🙂 It‘s flexible, it’s convenient, but is it easier???

Nah! Distance education is as hard as, or maybe even harder than regular school. It will take a lot of self-studying! It will take a lot of metacognition and self-regulation skills to survive!

Do I have any regrets of enrolling in UPOU?

Nah!!!  UPOU, though definitely not easy, suits me best! I can study anytime, anywhere. Very flexible, very convenient! When travelling in traffic or in-between errands, I can open my mobile phone and study my readings. When my kids are all settled at night or even during the wee hours, I can join the asynchronous forum discussions, study, and submit my requirements. And there’s more… the one thing that’s really important to note:

Studying in UPOU can be really fun!… that is, if you don’t cram!

Indeed, the best lesson I learned in distance education: Thou shalt not cram!

 images (1)

So Daisy, follow the set course schedules. It’s truly for your own good!

So Daisy, do not cram so you won’t be pressured with deadlines. When you get stressed with due dates, the intrinsic motivation is sidetracked by extrinsic motivation. Your inner desire to truly learn is sidetracked by your desire to just pass the course. But when you do your tasks on time, you get to appreciate your own learning, get to understand the lessons in a deeper way, get into FLOW, and you get to enjoy learning with others, too.

So friends, do not cram!  Learning is definitely more fun when you don’t cram!



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