Module 3D Commentary: Peer and Self Assessments

Module 3D. Peer and Self Assessments

“The main aims of self and peer assessment are to:

  • increase student responsibility and autonomy
  • strive for a more advanced and deeper understanding of the subject matter, skills and processes
  • lift the role and status of the student from passive learner to active leaner and assessor (This also encourages a deeper approach to learning)
  • involve students in critical reflection”

 -by Zenaida De Guzman – Saturday, 4 July 2015, 11:34 PM


Indeed, this is one of my favorite advantages of peer and self-assessment: It “involves students in critical reflection.” 

If every student will learn how to self-reflect and adjust their learning strategies accordingly, teachers can expect improvement after every assessment.


EDS 113 Module 3D: Peer and Self Assessments. Retrieved from



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