Assessment: Bridging Teaching and Learning


As I read, I just realized that all throughout my student days, I only looked at “assessment” as getting the best grade in a course. I never thought of it as an important tool to improve curriculum or teaching methodology. I never considered it as something that can help strengthen learning styles or any part of the learning process.

And then I read on and learned that assessment is important not only in measuring the students’ mastery after the course but more importantly the process during the course, such that students can be directly involved in and manage their own learning, and teachers can improve on their instructional tools and methodology.

Now, I quite understand that all factors in the learning-teaching process must be aligned to successfully achieve the targeted learning outcome (what we want our students to learn). The learning-teaching environment, the learning-teaching tools and the learning-teaching techniques must all be in sync in order to achieve the best learning outcome. I missed the assessment part, though, huh!

Now I know, assessment is as important as all the other factors. For how can we improve learning goals without assessment? How can we improve curriculum and instruction without assessment? How can we improve teaching techniques without assessment? How can we improve learning styles without assessment? How can we delete the flaws and improve the system without assessment? Now, I am enlightened why we do assessment and why we do it in particular ways.

Assessment helps us correct flaws and go a step higher. Assessment bridges teaching and learning. Assessment leads us towards learning best and teaching best!